Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wine Films

Clips on the Web:

Wine Library TV (Host: Gary Vaynerchuck):
These clips are great because of Gary's enthusiasm, breadth and depth of knowledge, and the fact that he describes the experience as it happens in time, which written notes cannot capture.

Robert M. Parker, Jr.
appears in the following interviews with Charlie Rose:

Charlie Rose special on Robert Parker

Charlie Rose: Robert Parker 1

Charlie Rose: Robert Parker 2

Charlie Rose: Robert Parker 3

Jancis Robinson appears in the following interview with Charlie Rose:

Charlie Rose: Jancis Robinson


Mondovino: Jonathan Nossiter's documentary on the globalization of wine is bewildering upon first watching - he seems to ridicule soulless californians and snooty french with impunity. However, watch it again with Jonathan's commentary and you will gain a unique perspective on the wine world.

Wine for the Confused: This is not so much an informative wine guide, as a guide to how to learn about wine, which I very much appreciate. Also, it's an hour of John Cleese!!! Watch it with friends over a bottle of wine and try not to die laughing.

Sideways: Whatever its faults, this movie first piqued my interest in wine. Actually my dad first piqued my interest in wine, but Sideways was second. For better or worse, this movie instilled in me a strong aversion to Merlot (which I've never tried).

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