Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2001 Ch. Filhot (Sauternes)

2001 Chateau Filhot (Sauternes)($15 half bottle)

On the nose: burnt rubber/petrol, dried apricots, peaches, slight 'spiciness' (cinnamon?), apples, hint of floral. Very clear, bold nose, even when chilled.

Palate: Super sweet, viscous, with good balancing acidity. Just enough acidity and low enough bitterness that it wasn't cloying for me, but it was right there on the fence. After a few sips, it was too much. Excellent midpalate aromatics - the midpalate is where this really shines, with honeylike mouthfeel, a sugary bite, explosive, delicious fruit, and only very little bitterness. Good finish: clean, not bitter, dried apricots, long. The first really sweet wine that didn't make me shudder with every sip - contrast with the Malivoire Gewurz (too little acidity, too much bitterness) and the Tablas Creek vin de paille (too low acidity, too sweet). I'm still not a fan of dessert wines, but this is clearly the best I've had so far by a significant margin. 88-RA

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