Saturday, October 27, 2007

'05 Panarroz Jumilla

In Brief:

2005 Panarroz Jumilla ($10, Varsity):
The aroma of this blend of Mourvedre, Grenache, and Syrah is dark and salty, with a trace of blackberries. The palate reveals a medium-bodied wine with good extract and a simple tannic finish that is soothingly reminiscent of fresh bread. A good, straightforward wine.

Tasting Notes:

2005 Panarroz Jumilla ($10, Varsity)

We tasted this wine at Kalluri Corner, in the small, squat, thick-rimmed glasses they provided. Given the poor equipment and the strong ambient aromas of Indian spices, we probably missed the minutiae of the bouquet. There was a completely novel tone to the nose - a dark, almost salty scent (perhaps "leather"?) - with some fruit. Though the wine was medium-bodied, it had good extract and intensity of flavor. The finish was lightly tannic, with a hint of fresh bread. Comforting in it's simplicity, this was an un-exotic, straightforward wine, that was flavorful enough to pair well with naan, jalfarezi vegetables, and a mild channa masala.

Panarroz is the winemaker. Jumilla is the DO - Denominacion de Origen (the Spanish equivalent of France's AOC). While the DO of Jumilla is known for its use of Monastrell, the Panarroz is blend of Mourvedre, Grenache, and Syrah. The 2005 proportions are unknown, but past vintages have been equal parts, or 40, 40, 20.

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