Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ch. Cap de Merle (Lussac-St.-Emilion) '04

In Brief:

2004 Ch. Cap de Merle (Lussac St.-Emilion) (Community $8/375ml)

Tasting Notes:

This wine was double-decanted and tasted under close to ideal conditions. The nose of dull cherry became even duller a few minutes after decanting, leaving an empty, generic alcohol smell. On the palate the acidity was unpleasantly high, with no fruit whatsoever. It finished with a hops-like bitter aftertaste and thin, tip-of-the-tongue-only, flavorless tannins. One wishes the finish would end sooner, but the bitterness and tannins are surprisingly persistant. While tasting this wine proved instructive as to what constitutes a "bad" wine, swallowing was rewarded with only regret. Further probing the nose for subtleties proved to be an even worse idea, as I detected the faint, but unmistakeable scent of animal fecal matter. I'm not kidding! It was very difficult to capture, but it was noticeable on three separate sniffings.

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