Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dom. Barmès Buecher Riesling '04 (Herrenweg de Turckheim)

Domaine Barmès Buecher (Alsace) 2004 Herrenweg de Turckheim Riesling (Corkscrew 24)

COLOR: Light, watery, not brilliant. NOSE: Very reticent, even after warming in hands. Only the faintest hint of fruit. No lemon characteristic. Mostly dull yeast. Maybe, just maybe, there was a hint of canteloupe rind. PALATE: Watery mouthfeel, thin flavor - poor concentration, hollow on the midpalate, some bitterness, acidity was not balanced by fruit or residual sugar - there was very little residual sugar, so it was fairly dry- much drier than the 06 Riesling Tradition. A lean and watery wine, not in balance, and $7 more expensive than the 06 Riesling! Very bad QPR. Pass.

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