Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gary Vaynerchuk's Advice

I emailed Gary Vaynerchuk of WLTV and he was kind enough to respond with some helpful advice:

On reading this blog, he remarked:

I recommend less reading and more tasting my friend. That is the key. Build the palate - that is the key to wine tasting and learning, and make sure you try different wines each time!

On Aussie Shiraz's with high residual sugar, he explained:

Lots of peeps lately are being turned off by this, but 5 yrs ago it was all the rage. Things change, flavors change, trends change - it's the way the world works! There is no code [tasting descriptor] for this but I would say start looking for wines that are not Cab and Shiraz based, there are so many wines you can try and taste that are awesome that Aren't that way, I would suggest spending some serious time in ITALY!

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